Terrapin Tents & Contents

Welcome to the Contents section


Here you will find a range of different options for how to accent your event. If you have a certain idea for what you want and it isn’t here, why not contact us and ask. We might just have something tucked away somewhere…

Prices shown are estimated and subject to transport and other circumstantial costs.

Hardwood Flooring

Heavy Duty Hardwood that can stand up to tables, chairs, staging and as much dancing as your legs can stand with minimal damage to the ground underneath and complete avoidance of those pesky sinking chair and table legs. Essential for kitchen areas or those events when you just don't want to have to worry about the mud. Shown is our fitted round floor but we can also supply a wooden dancefloor.


*Available for the entire tent or for just a dancefloor

*Recommended for use with chairs and tables


Matting offers a flooring solution with a little less commitment. While it won't hold as much weight as the hardwood floor, it is more economical and will still create a very pleasant environment for revellers. We now supply Duramat plastic matting in a charcoal colour.


*Cheap alternative to hardwood floor

*Durable and attractive


Lighting options to create the perfect atmosphere. Party, dinner or live act. Sound activated parcans, fairy lights and moving lights for dancing available. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


*Bespoke Service
*Can co-ordinate with other external or internal companies


To help spread a little magic, we can supply festoon lighting to go over the tents, in trees, between buildings or just put up on scaffold poles, festival-style. You name it, we’ll light it up.


*Available in 10m lengths for interior and 50m lengths for exterior
*Atmospheric and creates good visibility and safety


We have a selection of staging ranging from standard square and rectangular setups to curves, circles, semi-cirlces and risers.


*Huge range of sizes and shapes - ask for details



Solid wooden tables and benches. Begone tablecloths and let the beauty of natural grains shine through! Each table with 2 benches will seat 8 but we can bring folding wooden chairs also. Just ask.


*Beautifully constructed from Solid Wood


barrel bar

Solid and sturdy wooden bar with linked barrel frontage. Just in case you didn't know which way the booze was.


* Also available with oil drum frontage for a more rough-and-ready look

* 80ft (21m) plus available


A seamless event should be underpinned by a solid power supply. We can supply an appropriately-sized generator with full power distribution options from a suitcase-sized one to run basic lighting to enough power to run an entire festival, traders and all. Contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.


*Various sizes available to cater for any size event

*Picture is example only - supplied equipment will differ

Skittle Alley

To separate the coordinated from the chancers and provide fun for all ages, our traditional skittle alley is a solid wood vintage construction.


*Perfect for entertaining children and families at weddings, fetes etc
*Can be set up as a chargeable feature to the event


We are privileged to be part of a huge worldwide network of musicians, performers and entertainers, and as such, magnificent live bands, comedians, stiltwalkers, fire performers, magicians and circus acts are all available to us. Whatever your requirements, please get in touch and we can arrange the perfect show for you. We are proud to source entertainment for any occasion; from live music to cabaret, family celebrations and weddings to corporate events.


*Far too many options to list
*Can be offered as a package with other services

*Can specify to suit the exact theme of your event